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Group facilitation | Emerging Leaders Toolbox

Workshops postponed

Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide the workshops will be postponed until the regulations around groups meeting are relaxed.

Group facilitation skills

Productive team meetings and planning sessions happen when someone is attending to the process. Like your team sessions to be more productive? You can learn the key techniques for group facilitation in this one day workshop I will be running in 2020 in the centres listed below.

The workshop will be highly interactive with a mix of theory and practice. It will benefit managers, team leaders, consultants, scrum masters and anyone else with an interest in enhancing the effectiveness of work groups and having more productive meetings and planning sessions.

Key topics:

  1. The context
    • The role of the facilitator
    • Organisational change and transition
    • What’s going on in the room – elements of group dynamics
    • Effective groups – what do they look like?
  2. Plan you process
    • Clarify the purpose of the session (and recognise the limits of the group format!)
    • Tips for co-facilitation
    • The importance of preparatory activities
    • The core processes –
      • Information exchange and
      • decision making
  3. Work your plan
    • The micro-skills of facilitation
    • Intervening

For more information call Matthew on 0431 529 233 or email matthew@matthewford.com.au.

Emerging leaders toolbox

This workshop is still being developed – more details to follow soon. I have in mind a 1.5 day workshop focussed on the interpersonal and group skills essential for leading high performing teams.

I have in mind a range of resources for people to draw on in the workshop (thus a “toolbox”). But I am open to ideas and will canvass people’s priority learning needs ahead of the workshop via a short survey.

There are however a number of fairly essential topics I believe need to be covered in the workshop:

  • Leadership and working with the forces of change
  • Creating the conditions for your team to be creative
  • Developing strategy – simple frameworks and processes
  • Facilitating team meetings and planning sessions
  • Emotional intelligence and the micro-skills of leadership
  • Co-design essentials and authentic engagement with stakeholders
  • Negotiating and managing upwards
  • Handling difficult conversations.

Participants will get the most out of this workshop if they bring along an organisational project they are involved with or responsible for, as a case study.

What are you looking for?

If you are interested in this workshop please feel free to email me on matthew@matthewford.com.au to register your interest, discuss your learning priorities, comment, or ask questions. In-house versions of this workshop can also be negotiated