Getting together – what people want from leaders!

“Leaders must reclaim the very thing our culture has so casually given away: Time to think together and learn from our experiences. Without question this is the most critical act of leadership.”                                                                                  Margaret Wheatley[1] Margaret Wheatley wrote that in 2017. Well, now more than ever eh!?  … we need leaders who will lead – […]

The future of work: jobs of the heart and the head

I’ve been reading about the future of work lately. We’ve all heard how automation will see more ‘routine’ jobs replaced by machines as well as the rise of more specialised technology roles (like AI and Machine Learning, Big Data Specialists, App Developers and Scientists). However, it is often overlooked that many of the jobs created […]

Free Resource – The Accidental Facilitator

Frustrated by wasting your time in unproductive disorganised meetings? To be effective, groups need to be well facilitated. The Accidental Facilitator is a 75-minute training film that steps you through a five-point plan to develop your skills for designing and facilitating more productive group sessions that will enable groups to have the conversations that matter […]

Developing high performance teams

Studies of high performing teams, typically identify characteristics such as: A unity of purpose and well-defined goals A commitment to understanding the process – how the group works An informal atmosphere and lots of discussion People discuss their feelings as well as their ideas Disagreements are welcomed and the team is not afraid of conflict […]