So what's your commitment to co-design?

Working with key stakeholders like staff and end-users to co-design new systems and services produces the most innovative response.

But what is the expectation from those participating in this co-design process? … and what is your commitment to them?

Are you merely consulting with them to get their input? Or are they equal partners, sharing power with you, signing off on the key decisions?

Tools such as the iap2 spectrum can be helpful here. Whilst designed specifically for community participation it is easily extrapolated to organisational settings. (For an older, more political model, you could also look at Sherry Arnstein’s Ladder of Citizen’s Participation)

These tools help you to be clear on just how much power sharing is going on in the project. It’s obviously important to be up front about the level of power you are sharing with stakeholders and to deliver on your power-sharing commitment.

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